Tree Injections in Edmonton

Arbor Man uses the ArborJet systemic injection system. Although trunk injection is new to Canada, it’s known as a fast and effective disease control method in the USA, where it has been used for decades. Systemics are considered much more environmentally friendly than spraying, since systemic insecticides (we use IMA-Jet) are high pressure - injected into the wood (i.e., the xylem tissue). This keeps the chemicals away from the air and surfaces including humans and pets. Systemics protect the whole tree and can reach some pests that spraying can’t reach, such as wood borers and leaf rollers & miners. In fact, at this time, systemics are the only hope of saving a tree infected with poplar borers. Systemic injection prices vary according to site distance, tree diameters and number of trees. Injections are much cheaper than the cost of tree removal and/or re-landscaping and are sometimes be the only alternative. 

A few small holes are drilled in the base of the tree, the formulation is injected and then the Arborplug is placed to seal the holes. Bark will grow completely over the Arborplug within 1-2 years. Formulations injected into the trunk reach the branches, stems, leaves and even the roots. Some insecticide formulations will protect trees for multiple years with a single injection.

Fruit Trees - Apple, Crab Apple, Pear, Mountain Ash, Cotoneaster Shrubs, Raspberry and Saskatoon

The most damaging disease affecting plants in the rose family is FIRE BLIGHT (Erwinia amylovora). Diseased leaves appear red and fire scorched (hence the name) Leaves turn brown, die and wilt downwards often creating a shepheards crook affect. Second stage is indicated by bark cankers where the bark splits, becomes indented and can result in the death of the tree

Recommended treatment

A combination of pruning out diseased portions and chemical control using (BACASTAT TM) to protect against further infection. Annual systemic injection is recommended.

Apple Scab

Scab infections on leaves start as olive green to brown spots with an irregular or feathered edge. As leaf infections grow, they may merge together and assume a dark brown velvety appearance. Severely infected leaves may turn yellow and drop prematurely. Scab infections on young fruit start out as olive green to brown spots. As the lesions enlarge, they harden, and eventually become black, corky, inedible areas on the fruit. Severely infected fruit may be deformed and often crack open.

Recommended treatment
A trunk injection with a systemic fungicide PHOSPHO-jet is recommended. PHOSPHO-jet inhibits fungal cells while eliciting a plant health response from the tree. It promotes stronger, tree cells, root development, and triggers the tree’s natural defense mechanisms making it more resistant to infection with quicker recovery time.

Our team will give your trees the professional, quality care they need to thrive and be healthy. For more information on tree injections in Edmonton and surrounding area, give us a call today.

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