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Take a look at some of the tree care projects completed by Arbor Man Tree Care. You will catch a glimpse of what we do on a daily basis for our customers, as well as some snapshots of our arborists in action. Since 1999, the ISA-Certified Arborists of Arbor Man Tree Care have been your resource for all things tree, root, and stump-related. Whether it’s regular maintenance, tree removal, stump grinding, or tree pruning, Edmonton families can always count on our team.

No matter what your tree maintenance job entails, we have the specialized equipment and experience to get the job done right. If you’re in need of regular maintenance or tree pruning in Edmonton, call Arbor Man Tree Care, today!

Pruning for the Health of Your Trees

Having your trees trimmed and maintained isn’t just about safety and keeping up the appearance of your property; trees should be pruned regularly to remove the diseased, dead, and damaged branches. On trees with highly concentrated branch structures, areas of excess rubbing and friction can lead to the introduction of pests, decay, and disease.

In natural forests, trees often take care of the pruning process for each other — not in any sort of intentional way — but, falling limbs from canopy top help to break off weaker limbs down below. Many tree species even engage in a self-pruning process where non-productive limbs will be denied nourishment and eventually fall off. In these types of instances, we may recommend the non-productive limb be removed for the safety of your property and those who use it, or look into thinning out branches that obscure sunlight from the affected limb (or limbs).

We Go to Great Heights for Our Customers

As you’ll see in our photo gallery, we are often tasked with climbing some of Edmonton’s tallest trees. It looks like dangerous work because it is dangerous. That is why you should only hire ISA-Certified Arborists to tackle any project that cannot be achieved from ground level, or projects where there is no risk of limbs injuring your home, property, people, or pets. We set out to deliver exceptional service to every home and business we visit in the area. And, safety is an essential part of ensuring a job well done.

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