Why Choose Arbor Man Tree Care?

It’s a good question. We offer many of the same services as do our competitors, such as pruning, fertilizing and tree removal. Occasionally our prices are higher for the same amount of work. So what does Arbor Man offer that other tree care services can’t? Knowledge, experience and expertise!

Anyone with a pickup truck and chainsaw can call themselves an arborist, but what defines Arbor Man as the industry leader is our commitment to sharing the knowledge of trees with our customers and increasing our own knowledge base to provide the finest health care for your trees. We will show up to your site with state-of-the-art equipment and professional personnel.

Arbor Man employs ISA Certified Arborists. They’re the best in the business. It’s that simple. If other companies say they are certified, ask for proof of certification. Most companies are lucky if they have 2 Certified ISA Arborists. Put the care of your trees in the hands of a trained professional.

Arbor Man Tree Care may not be the cheapest. We are usually booked weeks in advance, and we only deal with clients that are serious about having work done by trained professionals. There are many companies that can be there the next day. If so, ask yourself why. It’s simple. They are not professionals, and they aren’t in demand. If you demand results, then have a recognized, reputable company do your work for you.

There are many inexperienced tree care providers out there, and beware of the guys who don’t have proper quote sheets, insurance, WCB, or who show up in an old truck with OSB on the sides, LOL. Do your homework, and I can tell you there are only 6 good tree care companies in all of the Edmonton area. If you decide not to go with us, well then at least have your trees done by a reputable company with Certified ISA Arborists we respect.

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